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The staff team members have many years of clinical expertise and knowledge to provide you with safe and professional care during your surgical experience.  The individuals on our team have been at the surgery center for many years.  Our team is dedicated to making your surgical experience as worry free as possible.  You will have a pre-operative telephone call with one of our Registered Nurses who will help you prepare for the day of your procedure.


Providers & Affiliates

Ali’i Health Center
(Dr. Blum, Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Cobb, Dr. Durbin, Dr. Dy, Dr. Huddleston,
Dr. Meyer, Dr. Morton, Dr. Palmgren, Dr. Reddy, Dr. Rosenstein, Dr. Tirre)

MedStream Anesthesia Group

Ophthalmology (Dr. Susan Senft)

Kona Community Hospital

The Kona Foot Doctor (Dr. Mark Senft)

VA Kona Clinic (Dr. Mark Yoshida)


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